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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just had to let everyone know that yesterday was the birthday of the GREATEST husband and Father on this planet.
The love of my life turned 38 yesterday. So... I have seen this done , and I thought I would give it a try..

38 things I love about Derrick..

1: Laughter fills our home because of you.
2: Watching you help the kids
3: You work SO hard
4:You can say" Yes Dear " with a smile on your face.
5: You never tell me what to do
6: You honor your role as a husband and Father
7: You honor the priesthood that you hold
8: You listen ( not just to me, but to all)
9:" It's all Good"
10: " We will figure it out"
11: You tease me
12: You tickle me
13: You will eat what I cook, even if it is NASTY.
14: You are honest
15: You honor our parents
16: You DO what you are ask
17: You magnify your calling
18: You care about others, and try to do all you can to help them
19: You lead our family
20: We kneel together as a family, because of you
21: You teach, without preaching
22: You fallow when you need to fallow
23: You hold my hand, no matter where we are
24: You will kiss me even if I have nasty breath
25: You LOVE being a Dad
26: With you there is no drama, and no guess work
27:You love to play with the kids ( you all should see him jump on the tramp)
28:You will tell me if I have something in my teeth, and it doesn't bug me.
29: Family is the MOST important thing
30: You SMILE even when life sucks
31: Best kisser!! ( I had to teach him, and man did I do a good job)
32: If something needs done, you will do everything you can to get it done.
33: You honor my roll as a wife and Mother
34: You constantly seek knowledge
35: You rub my feet, and pop my toes
36: You live in a "musical" and you can't sing. Audra says he sounds like a "dying pig"
37: You still think I'm "HOT" ( I know, he needs new glasses)
38!!!! YOU are YOU. Perfect for me. Perfect for our kids. You ROCK Babe.

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday Derrick! We think you rock too!!

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