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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just had to let everyone know that yesterday was the birthday of the GREATEST husband and Father on this planet.
The love of my life turned 38 yesterday. So... I have seen this done , and I thought I would give it a try..

38 things I love about Derrick..

1: Laughter fills our home because of you.
2: Watching you help the kids
3: You work SO hard
4:You can say" Yes Dear " with a smile on your face.
5: You never tell me what to do
6: You honor your role as a husband and Father
7: You honor the priesthood that you hold
8: You listen ( not just to me, but to all)
9:" It's all Good"
10: " We will figure it out"
11: You tease me
12: You tickle me
13: You will eat what I cook, even if it is NASTY.
14: You are honest
15: You honor our parents
16: You DO what you are ask
17: You magnify your calling
18: You care about others, and try to do all you can to help them
19: You lead our family
20: We kneel together as a family, because of you
21: You teach, without preaching
22: You fallow when you need to fallow
23: You hold my hand, no matter where we are
24: You will kiss me even if I have nasty breath
25: You LOVE being a Dad
26: With you there is no drama, and no guess work
27:You love to play with the kids ( you all should see him jump on the tramp)
28:You will tell me if I have something in my teeth, and it doesn't bug me.
29: Family is the MOST important thing
30: You SMILE even when life sucks
31: Best kisser!! ( I had to teach him, and man did I do a good job)
32: If something needs done, you will do everything you can to get it done.
33: You honor my roll as a wife and Mother
34: You constantly seek knowledge
35: You rub my feet, and pop my toes
36: You live in a "musical" and you can't sing. Audra says he sounds like a "dying pig"
37: You still think I'm "HOT" ( I know, he needs new glasses)
38!!!! YOU are YOU. Perfect for me. Perfect for our kids. You ROCK Babe.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Work first, then play

So... I need to explain the title. Here it goes.. Yesterday ( Memorial day) we got up and the work began. Derrick got right to work on weed whacking the yard, while I got the kids ready for the day. The garden boxes are ALL finished. (we had 3 from last year, but decided we wanted to expand) I mowed the yard while Derrick worked on the boxes, and the kids were put to work , cleaning out the cars, and hanging the laundry out to dry. They were also in listed to pull weeds and water the garden , help wash the cars and clean the downstairs. ( yes I know I am a slave driver. I even had Audra up and working) Anyway , we had told the kids that after all the work was finished we would pull out the slip and slide so they could play. This made Brooklyn and Porter VERY happy. So .. as we were washing the cars some of the neighborhood kids came over to "help" and you know how things go when you put friends together with water, and a hot day. So as the kids were forgetting that they were supposed to be helping , and just as I am starting to wonder why the heck I thought washing the cars was a good idea, I hear our sweet Brooklyn telling her friends.... " at our house, we work first, and then we play. After we wash the cars, we can have lots of fun on the slip and slide, but if we don't get to work, we wont get to play."

This is one of those moments when I think " we aren't doing such a bad job as parents. A little pat on the back moment for Mom and Dad.

Anyway... we had been hard at work, crazy busy, but in a good way. I had the chance to feed a BUNCH of missionaries . I love doing it. The spirit is so strong around those missionaries you can almost taste it. I love to just stand and watch those men and women as they go to get their food, and think " that is someones son, or daughter" and I get to feed them this meal. Someday, I pray that someone will take care of my missionaries this way."

Working at the temple is GREAT !!!! I am learning so much, and it is something that I look forward to.

The kids school had the science/art fair last week and it was wonderful. The students did such a GREAT job with their science and art projects. We had a yard sale, as well a uniform swap and shop. Lots of people and lots of fun.

Audra did a GREAT job on her science project. She is working hard on her 2 R.A.D. solos, and is ready for summer ( she like her mother, loves to sleep in) Between the 2 (RAD and science) we have 2 of her young women's 10 hour projects finished!!!) She is exited about being in a parade for 4-H. She will get her braces on July 7th. I am so glad we will have the summer to get used to them.

Brooklyn is doing so well !! Her class grew different types of flowers and grass as their science project. As their art project they made the flowers they had gown out of tin foil, and tape, and painted them. She is getting ready for the dance recital, and is exited to take a clogging camp and swimming this summer.

Porter is also doing well. His class made models of famous land marks as the art projects. He made the Leaning tower of Pisa. He can tell you all about it. Lots of facts and figures. For their science project they made the solar system out of paper ma shay. I learned that paper ma shay does not taste good as I had to blow up one of the balls, 2 times) and that it also will dry your skin up, but it was worth it!! If I wasn't "a cool mom" before I certainly am now. According to the 1st graders. He is exited to get to take riding lessons with Audra this summer,as well as swimming.

Derrick has been working hard as always. APEX is fast approaching, and there is still so much to do. His work has been busy and stressful . We are so happy and blessed that he has a job. He is learning so much, and although it can be difficult, it is good.

We have been blessed with many opportunities to serve others in our community , and feel so blessed and happy that we are able to serve.
We hope all are well. Remember that you are loved, that we are thankful for you, and for all you do. Choose to be happy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Holy Crap"

Life for the 5 Legg's has been a bit crazy( that is putting nicely)

We just survived another concert week, and weekend. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, who is so supportive of me . He is so great!!!
Concert was great!!! If you didn't come to see it, you missed out. We had a wonderful time, and the group has never danced and moved the way we did this concert. I was able to play Tracy ( from Hairspay) and had a fun time !!!

Church callings have been busy (that is an understatement) We ( the stake R.S. presidency, as well a Derrick, and Brother Thurgood) had the opportunity of feeding some of the brethren dinner on Sunday. What a neat experience it was to feel the spirit, and to speak with them, and learn from them!!

Derrick is hard at work collecting money for Boise Cascade, and helping folks at Target. He is also working really hard at his calling. He is preparing for Fathers and Sons this weekend ( he is in charge of one of the activities) He is also working on A.P.E.X. for the young men. He is in charge of planning and preparing 2 days worth of meals. Normally this would not scare me in the least, the only problem is that they will not be camping in a place that has a kitchen. With that said, we are VERY blessed that my Dad has 2 big camp grills, each with 2 burners. Between that an dutch ovens I think they will be fine.

Audra is doing GREAT!! She recently went to choir festival , and did very well. She is preparing for the big R.A.D. concert , and has done so well in school. She and her friend Lindsey have been working hard on a project for their class, and it has been fun to watch them become even better friends. Audra is becoming quite the missionary, as she has given a Book of Mormon to one of the boys in her class, and continues to ask Lindsey to come to Y.W. with her. We are so proud of her. She recently got her report card , and did Awesome!!

Brooklyn, is also doing well. She has worked so hard in school, and we can all see how much she has improved. She took her math I.S.A.T last week and did very well. ( I am not a believer in test, but it was nice to see on paper, how hard our Miss Brooklyn is working) She has become the "birthday queen" She has gone to 6, yes 6 birthday parties in the last 3 weeks. She is our social butterfly, and is SO kind to everyone. She sets such a good example for all that are around her. She has not been well the last few days ( just a cold) but seems to be getting better. We have found a new place for her to take dance( clogging). She will start in the summer, with a summer camp, just to get her back into the mix, and to learn some new steps. She is so exited. She went with me to Winco the other day, and danced (clogged) through the hole store. SO CUTE!!!

Port man is also doing well. He is SO funny, and just full of personality. He has made some good friends at school. Lacota and he have become pals. They and a few other boys play "get away from the girls" almost every recces.
Porter is the map maker and lookout. He draws maps of the playground, and marks the best "hiding places" so that he and the other boys can hide form the girls. ( the good part, is that the girls have NO idea that these boys are playing this game, and that they are trying to hide from them) So anyway, as soon as they go out to recces the boys all meet, and decide where they will hide and who will be the "lookout". The lookout stands up on top of the play equipment and watches the girls to make sure they don't get to close to the other boys. If the girls get to close, the lookout is supposed to yell at the top of his lungs , the secret code, to let the other boys know to run to the next hiding place.
Picture this, my sweet Porter, standing on the play equipment waving his arms and screaming at the top of his lungs, " holy crap,holy crap,holy crap!!! Yes you read correctly " HOLY CRAP" was the code word that day. We have laughed about that for weeks.

When things are crazy, or just not going well, we ( Derrick and I ) just look at each other , and say " Holy Crap" and it makes us laugh every time.

So, I have been dealing with shingles again. The doctor has put me on a BUNCH of medicine, most of which make me feel sick. Our hope is that I can stay "clean" for 3 months( I am on the meds for 1 month, so I only have to stay "clean" by myself for 2 months) then I can have the vaccine, and hopefully never have to deal with this again." Holy Crap" it could be worse. It's not fun, but I will take it , and count myself as blessed that it is not worse, and that even though my body gets sick, and is far from perfect, I have a body, and I know who gave it to me, so I'm just going be thankful for what I have.

We hope everyone is well, that you choose to be happy, and that you know how thankful we are for you, and for all that you do.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Review

We have had a bunch going on, and it has been harder than usual for me to sit down, and update.
So here is the last few weeks in review:
Derrick and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. Can't believe he has stayed with me this long.
I need to brag about my incredible husband for a minute. First, I need to say that I wake up to a soft whisper and kiss every morning. Derrick wakes me up with such love and care ( I am NOT a morning person) and my GREAT husband makes something I despise into something pleasant.
Derrick wakes up 20 to 30 minutes earlier then he needs to, just so he can make the kids lunch, and help with house chores. Derrick calls me 2 or 3 times during the day just to check on me. Derrick works SO hard as a husband, Dad, in his wok , and in his calling. He blesses or home with his priesthood, and leadership.
I have been told by MANY people how lucky I am to be married to Derrick, and believe me I KNOW!! He is the better part in our marriage, and is the calming force in my life.
I LOVE Derrick.

O.K. to celebrate our 15 years we went to the "J.J. Shaw house" in Boise. It's a nice Victorian B&B . Out to dinner to T.G.I.Fridays ( had coupons) and then out to lunch to Tucanos. If you have not gone to Tucanos yet , save up, and go. The food is SO good. We had a wonderful time, and we were able to have a nice visit with our friend Jason.

Our family had the wonderful blessing of hanging out with the Sadlers last week. Brooklyn and Porter were in 7th heaven. When Porter opened the door and saw Kade, he squealed so loud I am sure the hole neighborhood heard him. They had such a fun time together, and were so sad to see them go.

We had a nice Easter lunch/Easter egg hunt over at Derrick's Mom and Dad's. The food was great, and the kids had such a fun time playing together. Porter gave us a scare,as he cut his thumb open and went into shock at the sight of his blood. He was fine after a few drinks of water and some more food, and some snuggle time with Mom ( snuggle time was more for Mom, than for Porter)

Audra is doing GREAT. She tried out for a Solo in the schools R.A.D. program and got not just one, but 2 solo songs. She is so exited ( So am I) She is working hard on a book report and has started thinking about what to do for the upcoming school science fair. Audra is so exited to be in 4H, and has already started cooking. She had the opportunity to go to the temple and do baptisms for the died. I couldn't help but cry, as Derrick helped her into the font, and I watched my husband use his priesthood to bless her, and those waiting on the other side.

Brooklyn, is doing so well. She just finished taking her reading ISAT test , and got 100%. ( I am not a huge believer in test , but I am happy she did so well.)She is still loving dance, although we will probably have to do something different next time. I'm not so thrilled with the costumes the older girls wear. I felt bad for the men in the family who went to the last program. There is a very good chance that we will be leaving after Brooklyn does her dance this go round. I have been told over and over again that it is just a costume and that you have to "get used to it" So ... isn't that the way that Satan works. It's just one movie , you just have to get used to it. ( By the way, it's not just the costumes, it is also the music that they choose, and the dances that they preform.) I've been looking into some other places, but haven't made a decision yet.
Brooklyn is also loving 4H, she wanted to do a sheep, but Mom said NO!!! We are going to have to work up to that.

Porter, is my sweet boy. He LOVES science, and music, and is doing so much better in reading and math. I can't believe the improvements he has made. I love the kids school. It has been a blessing in our lives. Porter's teacher ROCKS. She has the freedom to teach, which is so nice.
He is in Karate after school, and is really enjoying that. He has made some good friends, and is just such a happy kid. He is also happy to be in 4H, and is exited to make a rocket.

Derrick and I have been working hard at home, and in our callings. Derrick is in full swing planning A.P.E.X. and I have enjoyed leaning from so many sisters in our stake. We both feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve, and to learn.

I have been practicing for the upcoming Musettes concert. This is going to be such a fun concert. I would love to see you all in the audience. Shows are on Saturday May 2nd, at 2 and 7 at the Nampa Civic Center. You can buy ticket from me, or at the door. This is a fun, cheep night out.

We hope everyone has a great week. Please know that you are loved. We are thankful for you, what you do, and who you are. Choose to be happy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids Day 2009

So every year for the last 5 years we have had "Kids Day". We usually have it during spring break, and our kids look forward to it.
On kids day, the kids decide what we are going to do. So this year we went to the Train Depot in Nampa, to Golden Corral to eat, the zoo, the mall, Cabela's, Red Robbin. Then we rented "Bolt" and watched it. This has become a fun day for our family to hang out and do things that fun for all of us.
At the Train Depot we got an extra special treat. One of the ladies that works there took us out onto a caboose . Porter was in seventh heaven. We went had lunch at Golden Corral ( not my favorite, but the kids LOVE it)
We then headed to the Zoo. The new part of the zoo, was really fun. Most of the animals were inside, or had been moved because of the cold weather, but we still had a great time.

Then it was off to the Mall. One of Brooklyn favorite places ( not that we go there a lot) She just loves to shop, and she is a smart shopper. She takes her time, and checks prices. We hit her favorite store, Claire's and then met Derrick and the other kids at the Disney Store. We have added 4 new stuffed animals. ( Like we needed anymore. Audra LOVES stuffed animals.)

We then headed to Red Robbin to have dinner ( yes ,that means I didn't have to cook, lunch or dinner. I love kids day)

After dinner we went to Cabela's to see the fish. They had these cool " pop guns" there was no way we could get out of that store without a few of those. Porter and Brooklyn ran around pretending to shoot all the animals. The funniest was Audra. She wanted to try one of the pop guns, but didn't want anyone to see her. So funny !! She would walk around the main display, and look both ways to make sure no one was watching her, and then shoot. She had this look, of " guilty pleasure" in her eyes. So blasted cute and funny, we couldn't help but laugh out loud.

After hunting all those wield"stuffed" animals, we were all ready to relax, so we rented " Bolt " and headed home to chill.

All in all, a GREAT kids day!!! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids. They are such a blessing to us. Each of them is different, but each is so GREAT.

Hope you all have a great week. Remember that you are loved, that I am thankful for who you are, and what you do. Choose to be happy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a Bit

It's been a while sense I blogged. No excuses .

Derrick and I have both been very busy . Ward conferences have been going on the last couple of months. Derrick was able to go to our ward last Sunday, and said "it was like going home" It is so nice to visit other words, and learn from others that you usually are not around, but there is something about going to your own ward. It reminds me of the Cheers song ( sad analogy, I know) " Sometime you want to go , where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came."

The Stake R.S. program was GREAT !!! ( at least I thought it was) I don't think we could have had a better speaker. The food was perfect, and I think everyone had a good time, and left feeling enriched and loved. Derrick is in full scout mode. The last 2 Saturdays mornings have been spent scouting. Work is going well for him. It is difficult at times, but we are so grateful that we have employment.

The kids are doing GREAT. Porter had one of his friends over yesterday, and they had a great time. I can't believe how much he is learning at school. He was the " Golden Eagle " in his class, and works really hard, and is kind to everyone.

Brooklyn's class as well as the 2nd graders put on a program this week, " We are all Americans" was awesome. Brooklyn had 3 daces that she did. She worked really hard, and got them all down, and did wonderful at the program.

Audra has had some exiting news. She was picked to have a song solo in the schools R.A.D. (race against drugs) program. This is a big deal !!!! There are only 3 solos in the whole program, and she is one of them. ( yes Mom is SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOproud) This was something she wanted to do. The music teacher said, she did an awesome job at try outs.

Derrick and I a preparing to celebrate 15 years together. It is the joy of my life being his wife and the mother to 3 of our Father in Heavens most precious children. I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend. I love him, and am so thankful for him, and for the priesthood that he holds. He is such a good example to me. He is patient , kind, hard working, outgoing, loving, forgiving( thank goodness). I could go on and on. Needless to say ,
I am So IN LOVE with DERRICK . He knows everything about me, and he still loves me. I know I can't believe it either, but I am so glad he does.

Remember that you are loved, choose to be happy. I am thankful for who you are, and what you do.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Choose. ( Mom's point of view)

Not much time, but I wanted to share .
So last night I went to a church meeting, After the meeting I was felling uplifted and full of renewed expectations for myself. I along with the other 3 sisters in the stake R.S. were standing outside the chapel having a "mini presidency meeting" and saying our goodbyes to those who came our way. As we finished our "mini meeting" I headed through the chapel to the other side of the building where I had parked. As I reached the other side , I found a sister waiting for me.

She kindly put her arm around my shoulder and softly spoke. The way she spoke and approached the subject I thought for sure this was going to be another wonderful experience, and I have chosen to look at it that way.

Anyhow ,as this sweet sister puts her arm around me, and whispers into my check, she says." I just wanted to tell you, that you are nothing like what I was told you were like." You are such a pleasure to work with, and I am not sure what happened with you and sister so-and so, but I think you are great."

I thanked her, and reciprocated what a joy it is to work with her, and we said our good nights.

Here is the kicker , this has happened to me at least 4 other times. Just an interesting thing. I must say that sense that conversation I have been searching myself, and trying to think of ways that I may be a better example, and better person. I'm not beating myself up or anything, just thinking. I don't know why sister so-and- so would have had a hard time working with me, but apparently she did.
I am thinking that maybe I was having a bad day, and maybe she was to.
It has been a good reminder to me.
Never to judge someone. You never know what is going on in there lives, and you may have been the straw that broke the camels back.
I have the choice to either get upset and angry, or I can simply say to myself, " I will pray for my dear sister. Maybe she is having a hard day."

I taught a lesson many years ago in primary. One of the principals of the lesson was free agency. I think I got more out of that lesson than the kids did.I try to live by what I learned that day" No one can MAKE you angry or upset. It is your CHOICE."

So I want you to know that I choose not to be angry or upset, but I choose to try to do better.
I write this with full knowledge that others will read this, but that at some point in time my 3 wonderful blessings will also read this. So my council( yet again, Audra, Brooklyn, and Porter)
Make the choice to be happy. Make the choice to serve. Make the choice not to let someones words or deeds decide your words or deeds. Make the choice to keep your free agency. I love you all with all my heart, and want so much for you to choose to be happy.
Love, Mom

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